Vehicle and Fleet Management

Vehicle and Fleet Management

The name of the game is improving efficiency and productivity while driving down dispatch and service costs. Staying profitable requires smarter vehicles.

With rising fuel costs and increased competition squeezing your margins, you need a fleet management partner. We provide valuable tracking and dispatch tools for any size fleet.

Easy Access to the information

  • Monitor Your Entire Fleet with the Simplicity of a Browser
  • Easily and affordably centrally manage all vehicles with familiar web-based Google Maps™ functionality
  • See vehicles’ locations in real-time; receive vehicle speed, mileage, stops, and idle time info
  • Access from work, home, a mobile phone or handheld device – anywhere you have a browser – with no additional software needed
  • Use Google Maps to see real-time traffic reports and help drivers map the most efficient routes

Dispatch More Efficiently

  • Maximize route efficiency by seeing all customer sites and available drivers on one screen
  • Receive alerts when vehicles leave a specified area such as loading terminals and customer locations
  • Provide faster service and deliver inventory in real-time
  • With the Garmin option you may send messages and route changes via messaging and automatically include turn-by-turn directions to the next stop

Ensure That Vehicles and Drivers Are Operating at Peak Performance

  • Monitor statistics including mileage, engine/idle time, and speed to ensure timely maintenance, support efficient driving habits, and conserve costly fuel.
  • Receive notices when it’s time for oil changes, tire rotation and other general maintenance.
  • Playback actual routes taken to ensure drivers are driving the most efficient routes possible


Minimize Liabilities and Costly Thefts

  • Improve driver efficiency with reports on unplanned stops and total mileage over set periods
  • Set alarms for notification of a potential theft if a vehicle leaves a location unexpectedly
  • Easily locate any vehicle anywhere in the country
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