Tank Management

Tank Management

We combine real-time data for tank levels, warehouse stock, and goods in transit with historical usage.

The Benefit:

  • Real-time inventory data for tank levels of liquids and powders
  • Easy integration to fleet management for central dispatch and routing
  • Options for monitoring conditions (temperature, humidity, pressures, etc.)
  • Alarms, notifications and reports via text, e-mail, and/or Microsoft Excel
  • Integration of legacy systems into a consolidated dashboard/view

What You Will Gain:

  • Many cost-performance options because of device independence.
  • No additional software installation required
  • User defined, two-way data sharing with suppliers
  • Condition monitoring of systems
  • Reports for Regulatory reporting requirements for key government agencies (FDA, EPA. DOT, etc.)


Add Fleet Management and let dispatchers see customer sites and service vehicles together at a glance in one screen. See technician availability status and match assignments to nearest staff for faster service calls. Monitor driver statistics including mileage, engine time and idle time, and review with drivers to promote efficient driving habits. You can also push work orders down to your technicians in the field. Automate billing time by being notified when a tech gets to a location and when he leaves for the next assignment. Manage field service performance times across the job sites they visit each day.

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