We provide value at every stage of the production cycle, including remote monitoring of well heads and saltwater injection pumps in oil fields, locating trucks for distribution and field service automation, measuring equipment health in pipelines, production facilities and retail establishments as well as tracking inventories in trucks, bulk storage and underground tanks.

The Benefit:

  • Real-time data on temperatures, pressures, humidity, electric current flow, voltages, water flow, fluid levels, switch/valve states (on/off) building system controllers, and more
  • Automated alarms on specified conditions of virtually any device or machine
  • Enterprise reporting and trending via online and Microsoft Excel reports of any monitored device, machine, equipment, controller, or vehicle
  • Google Maps™ functionality to find customer sites and track and automate building equipment location information as well as maintenance teams

What You Will Gain:

  • Maximize productivity, improve efficiency and reduce downtime
  • Update maintenance and repair notes and “maintenance logs” for each piece of equipment in the field
  • Proactively monitor vendors and contractors for improved safety and workforce productivity
  • Trigger service orders based on real-equipment maintenance events coming from the asset
  • Predict equipment failures before they happen
  • Receive alerts to respond quickly to critical conditions
  • Diagnose issues remotely to send field service personnel with the necessary equipment on the first trip
  • Minimize plant downtime
  • Optimize dispatch and scheduling
  • Support operations across a wider geographic territory
  • Add Vehicle and Fleet Management to also see all service vehicle locations in one view

Exploration and Extraction

We deliver a unified view of operations that allows producers, vendors and contractors to have a common operations view for all aspects of the production site including people, pumps and pipelines. The system continuously collects data remotely from equipment and production assets across the entire operation and displays it all in one screen, accessible with just a web browser. No dialing-in or special software is required.

Refining and Production

Although plenty of sophisticated automation technology has been implemented by plant personnel, there are still many ways in which we add value to production facilities. Even with the control, safety and maintenance systems in place, people remain the key to sustaining productivity.  This is a powerful tool for tracking, locating and monitoring the people and assets that run the plant. Often these people are limited in what they can do in the field by lack of access to necessary systems and timely information. We provide plant employees, contractors and visitors can all be provided with conditional access to information in a secure, easy-to-access web interface to ensure people can do their jobs while in the field where they work instead of wasting time shuttling to offices or computer terminals. Additionally, with the unified portal; management can track the location of contractors and their equipment as they move off-site with GPS-enabled devices such as smart phones and tracking tags.

Downstream Market

Get up-to-the-minute insights into the condition and usage of assets including fuel tanks, coolers and freezers, HVAC systems, pumps, compressors, car washes, water and electric utilities – virtually any convenience store asset – on one screen.

The C-store application delivers critical information about your physical assets and equipment to better manage your convenience store business across all locations.

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