Building and Facility Management

Proactive Building Maintenance, 24/7/365

Improperly functioning HVAC systems, boilers, sump-pumps and other vital building equipment can cause big problems and big costs – not to mention unhappy building tenants.

This solution gives you a proactive set of tools to manage your building equipment and systems remotely via a Web browser – without additional maintenance staff or expensive building systems.  How does it work? We continuously monitor critical building equipment functions and notify you of impending failures before they become big, expensive problems. Plus, you can monitor your equipment’s performance and get the most out of your investment in performance, warranties and upgrades.

We give you the tools to manage building infrastructure simply, easily, cost-effectively and proactively.

Monitoring Options:

  • Real-time data on temperatures, pressures, humidity, electric current flow, voltages, water flow, fluid levels, switch/valve states (on/off) building system controllers, and more
  • Automated alarms on specified conditions of virtually any device or machine
  • Enterprise reporting and trending via online and Microsoft Excel reports of any monitored device, machine, equipment, controller, or vehicle
  • Google Maps™ functionality to find customer sites and track and automate building equipment location information as well as maintenance teams

What You Will Gain:

  • Manage all your buildings’ critical equipment and systems in one place
  • Receive alerts and respond quickly to critical building and equipment conditions
  • Analyze the performance and energy usage of buildings’ equipment and systems over time
  • Share information with maintenance teams and building equipment maintenance vendors
  • Predict equipment failures before they happen
  • Effectively dispatch and manage maintenance teams to respond to equipment problems efficiently
  • Diagnose issues remotely before dispatching service personnel
  • Reduce equipment downtime and costs
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your buildings are being proactively monitored

Monitor and Manage Your Buildings from Anywhere, 24/7/365

Our system collects information remotely and continuously about the performance of your critical building equipment. It combines information from all of your properties and displays it all on one screen accessed via a web browser. Any piece of building equipment or system, regardless of make and model, can be monitored.  No special software is required; simply access the information via a Web browser or even from your smart phone.

Empower Your Maintenance Team and Vendors

With your permission, you can give your vendors access to the same real time data, reports and performance notifications that you receive. The solution runs 24/7/365 and notifies you or your team – no matter their location – of impending building equipment and systems problems via mobile text or email. Plus, we provide location coordinates of the property where problems are occurring.  Small problems are identified before they become big issues?

Analyze Your Equipment and Building Performance with Historical Data

Identifying problems before they occur is one thing; managing how well your equipment performs over time is another. We provide trending and equipment performance reports that help you analyze the efficiency of your building equipment and systems. Having such benchmarks to work with enables you to: analyze your monthly energy and utilities usage, compare your equipment’s actual performance measured against the OEM’s specifications, take action on warranty issues, and make better equipment upgrade choices. You effectively manage the life of your equipment.

Find Your Maintenance Teams Anywhere

Have your own maintenance teams? With Vehicle and Fleet Management your maintenance teams are notified of building problems automatically – and in real-time – via GPS technology. The building equipment informs your team with critical location aware information. The benefit? The closest maintenance team or vendor can respond quickly to the nearest building equipment event. You are also automatically notified once your maintenance team gets to the building site to address the problem as well as notified when they leave. With Vehicle and Fleet Management view, you save money on the effective dispatch and logistics of your maintenance teams because they can respond to your buildings’ issues quickly and in the most efficient way possible

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